What is 'Software-Defined Electricity'?

AI-enabled power correction and electrical efficiency for industrial and commercial enterprises

Software-Defined Electricity (SDE) is a breakthrough in power electronics engineering and AI that advances power conditioning to precise power correction. Independent validation has shown SDE to provide kW reductions in excess of 25%, near unity power factor, neutral current suppression, and real time phase balancing.

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Software-Defined Electricity

Software-Defined Electricity uses AI based electrical state monitoring and sub-cycle correction

Breakthrough Technology

Electricity correction perfected to maximize energy efficiency and asset performance


Experience optimized electricity today with strategy, testing and customized pilot packages


Offers expertise, planning and support to enable the digital electricity transformation

About Us

Optimized Sciences was founded to introduce innovative technologies to enterprises and institutions

Optimized Sciences offers strategic planning, solution design, implementation and digital transformation services to accelerate the adoption of advanced new technologies.

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