Introduction to SDE

Software-Defined Electricity (SDE) is a breakthrough in power correction. With the advent of SDE, electrical state can now be digitally controlled and programmed with precision to create a fully Software-Defined electrical circuit. SDE delivers a full solution for power correction maximizing efficiency of electrical energy transfer and addressing all power quality issues in real time.

Screenshot of the Optimized Sciences SDE Simulator
Screenshot of the SDE Simulator tool

The SDE Simulator (see below) was developed to offer visual representations of common power quality issues and SDE power correction including phase-balancing on a typical three-phase circuit.

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How is SDE different from traditional power conditioning ?

Traditional power conditioning methods are constrained by performance limitations in power sensing and analog to digital conversion.

In order to effectively correct power in real-time, continuous subcycle measurement and correction is required that accommodates the unique interrelationship of load activity, circuit conditions, and grid conditions.

SDE differentiates from the marketplace of power conditioning technologies by precisely correcting all common power quality and imbalance issues within the electrical network simultaneously as opposed to targeting one or a small subset of power quality issues.

SDE VectorQ
SDE installed in parallel at an electrical panel

Benefits of SDE

Energy & Performance Optimization

  • SDE enables energy efficiency
    Software-Defined networks dynamically correct electricity to provide substantially more precise power to each load on the circuit. By balancing the power needs of loads with real time correction, the overall system efficiency is increased radically. Circuits typically experience kWh improvements between 15-30% depending on conditions. Independently validated lab tests have shown as high as a 77% increase in kW efficiency on a 3-phase motor.
  • SDE enables increased Electrical System Performance
    Electrical System Performance
    SDE provides optimal power delivery allowing for equipment to achieve new levels of performance with broad multi-industry applications. Wireless communications, audio acoustics, sensitive electronics and also large industrial loads or grid-tied systems will perform more consistently and beyond rated equipment thresholds when operating within a software defined electrical network.
  • SDE enables improved Asset Health for electrical equipment
    Asset Health
    Software-Defined power delivery leads to substantially reduced duty cycle degradation for electrical equipment resulting in as high as 2-3x or greater equipment lifespan. As phases become imbalanced, power factor conditions arise, harmonics are introduced, or power system events occur; equipment experiences negative consequences unique to the nature of the equipment and power condition. Electronics failures are more common, motor bearings degrade faster, and electrical contact points wear more frequently. SDE corrects these power quality issues maximizing asset health.

  • Safety & Resilience

  • Electrical Fire Prevention
    Neutral currents are directly related to the real time conditions across each phase of a three phase system, as a result overloading of the neutral due to system imbalance is a known cause of electrical fires. SDE minimizes ground current and reduces neutral currents to negligible levels eliminating this issue.
    SDE reduces neutral current resulting in reduced risk of electrical system fires
  • Power System Event Suppression
    SDE will identify the event, precisely calculate a response, and correct the event to maintain power stability. When an event occurs, the excess current is “absorbed” or additional current is introduced from internal storage depending on the nature of the event. The result is maximum system resiliency from switching transients, inrush current spikes, momentary sags, swells, or power conditions introduced from cyber attacks (within equipment sizing thresholds).
    SDE helps detect and supress a variety of power anomalies
  • Digital Lightning Protection
    Similarly as with power system event suppression, SDE will correct power system events caused by lightning (within equipment sizing thresholds), however because SDE provides truly digital power, this capability does not degrade with use. Traditional methods of lightning protection degrade as they absorb the excess current, reducing the protection with each use and eventually leading to protection failure after repeated lightning strikes.
    SDE enables innovative lightning protection
  • Advanced Analytics

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    Power System Analytics (Requires Systems Integration)
    SDE offers a customizable API allowing for consumption of data from the real time AI engine. Advanced electrical system insights including opportunities for load signature analysis, predictive equipment failure, and performance benchmarking are not currently offered as a package but can be enabled as a custom solution. Please contact us for more information.