Harnessing scientific advancement to create a sustainable future

Optimized Sciences was founded to bridge the divide between enterprise institutions and breakthrough innovations. We offer strategic planning, solution design, implementation, and digital transformation services to accelerate the adoption of advanced sustainability technologies.

There is a significant opportunity to modernize the existing electrical energy ecosystem and reduce the global carbon footprint. We believe this transformation begins with Software Defined Electricity, our flagship solution developed by our strategic partner 3DFS. Software-Defined Electricity corrects electrical state in real time to create a safer, more efficient, effective, and resilient power network.

Optimized Sciences is headquartered in New York with team members distributed across north-east United States and Europe.

For additional information regarding Software-Defined Electricity, check out our product page.

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Founding Team

     Kyle Webb, CISSP     

A cyber security, smart grid and cloud architect with over 15 years professional services experience. Kyle has extensive solution design expertise focused on infrastructure security, custom application development, system integration, and program implementation.

Sayan Chakraborty

A technology strategy and enterprise architect with over 15 years technology consulting and professional services experience across utilities and manufacturing industries. Sayan has an extensive background in IT/OT architecture, Enterprise Architecture, smart G&T, and demand response.

      Chris Doerfler      

A Software-Defined Electricity specialist with over 10 years professional research, deployment, and services experience. Chris has architected and deployed advanced energy solutions including disruptive sustainability and efficiency focused water and compressed air technologies.

Peter Barca, CISSP     

A cyber security & technology risk professional with over 5 years professional services experience across software and financial services industries. Peter has led Software-Defined Electricity testing and validation on behalf of clients, including a NATO defense client.

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